What To Bring

Attention New Students: In order to have an enjoyable and successful first class, please print and review the GSSD Introduction Training Guide packet, which includes contracts, curriculum, and what to bring to class, etc.!

  • Need to print another Daily Training Log (Required for Therapy and Service Dog Training)

Our Dog Health Standards: For the safety and wellbeing of dogs, handlers, staff and the general public, the following are health standards for all dogs:

  • Be current on all vaccinations: Canine Rabies, DHLP-P and Bordetella
  • Have regular veterinarian checkups and health exams
  • Be free of any signs of illness, or able to function safely with non-contagious medical conditions (female dogs in heat are not allowed in group or private lessons during their cycle)
  • Be cleaned and well groomed
  • Be on a scheduled parasite preventative and be free of any internal or external parasites
  • Be microchipped and registered (Optional, but highly recommended)
  • Be spayed/ neutered (Optional, but highly recommended for dogs over 4 months of age)