What To Bring

Attention New Students:

In order to have an enjoyable and successful first class, please download, print and review the GSSD Introduction Training Guide packet, which includes contracts, curriculum, and what to bring to class, etc.  Also, please print a Daily Training Log (Required for Therapy and Service Dog Training).

Protected: GSSD Introduction Training Guide

Our Dog Health Standards: For the safety and wellbeing of dogs, handlers, staff and the general public, the following are health standards for all dogs:

  • Be current on all vaccinations: Canine Rabies, DHLP-P and Bordetella (all shot records must be on California Vet Letterhead or in Vet Receipt form, in accordance with CA Rabies Laws)
  • Have regular veterinarian checkups and health exams
  • Be free of any signs of illness, or able to function safely with non-contagious medical conditions (female dogs in heat are not allowed in group or private lessons during their cycle)
  • Be cleaned and well groomed
  • Be on a scheduled parasite preventative and be free of any internal or external parasites
  • Be microchipped and registered (Optional, but highly recommended)
  • Be spayed/ neutered (Optional, but highly recommended for dogs over 5 months of age)
  • Any dog riding in a vehicle must be safely secured, wearing a safety harness with an attachable seatbelt (attaches to the back, never to the front chest area), or be in a safety create/carrier of the owner’s choosing (we don’t plan on car accidents, but they happen, so please be a responsible pet handler and provide this crucial safety expectation for your dog)