Golden State Service Dogs is recommended by veterinarians, animal shelters, pet rescues, breeders, and other dog trainers. We maintain positive affiliations with community partners that provide outreach, advocacy, and training for individuals with disabilities. Here what some of our clients say about their experiences with us:

Skyler & Angie
Working with Golden State Service Dogs has been a very rewarding experience. Michelle is wonderful and definitely knows what’s she’s talking about. When we first got our puppy Skyler, we didn’t know anything about training a dog, let alone a service dog. Michelle starting working with Skyler right away and within a year he was going to work with me. I am more mobile and do more things now that I have Skyler helping me. None of this would have been possible without Michelle’s help. She is awesome!!

Michelle is always there if I have any questions. She is very supportive and always willing to help me. She even comes to my classroom every year to make sure my students know how to act around Skyler. I cannot thank Michelle and the Golden State Service Dogs team enough for all of their hard work and help. Golden State Service Dogs is great!

Jake & Maria
Thank you Golden State Service Dogs, (Michelle & Vince) for teaching me how to teach my doggie Jake to become a much more obedient, balanced, & well behaved dog. His social skills, manners, and attentiveness to focus on me, in the out & about world and not things/people/or other dogs around us has been a tremendous & valuable tool for me to use on him!!! He has learned so much & loves going to his Group Boot Camp classes!! As you well know he is a handful, and a work in progress; but I would have not been able to accomplish so much with him without your guidance, patience & your willingness to help us during class time and answering my concerns, questions, & situations I would encounter with him outside of class time. You are both awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing your time & knowledge with me!!

Bentley & Barbara
Call it Divine Intervention, something that was meant to be, or just exceptionally good luck that one day as I was completing some Christmas shopping in a local department store I saw Michelle Magers and a service dog training at the base of an escalator. Of course, I didn’t want to interrupt so I continued on my way, but 45 minutes later she and the amazingly well-behaved animal were still in the same position. I began a conversation with her, telling her of my desire to form a therapy team with my dog. I also shared that darling Bentley had acquired some “annoying habits” (most of these caused and perpetuated by his human family members) over the years. Michelle assured me that his horrendous manners were a quick fix.   I desperately wanted to correct his negative behaviors so I asked her to undertake the task. She arrived at our house one February afternoon and I watched in astonishment as the behaviors subsided and disappeared within an hour.

Bentley and I continued to train with Michelle for several months – these lessons were aimed at therapy dog training and obedience. At the beginning I was unsure if Bentley could succeed – the old adage about “old dogs not being able to learn new tricks” repeatedly whispered itself in my brain. Today, under Michelle’s tutelage, Bentley has made unimaginable progress. He passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen test several weeks ago and is well on the way to being certified as a therapy dog. He has been training in a local assisted living community and has been accepted as the newest member of Sharp Hospital Chula Vista’s therapy dog team. I attribute his success to the positive training methods used, consistency in practicing and reviewing desired responses, and Michelle’s commitment to success.

A simple thank you to Michelle and her team at Golden State Service Dogs seems so inadequate for the lessons that both Bentley and I have learned.   We owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude. Is Bentley perfect? Not yet, but then none of us are. Bentley and I will continue to work together to improve while we enjoy the invaluable bond that has been forged between us.


Rylee & Mary
Since we took our lessons in 2009 with Michelle, Rylee and I have become the greatest team. Until the end of last year, Rylee accompanied me to work every day (I have now retired). She was able to handle being in a therapy room where we were visited by clients, mostly ranging in age from 18 months to 5 years of age. I had complete trust that she would follow directions and be totally safe with my clients even when my clients were not totally safe with her.

We still fly together at least once a month. There has NEVER been a problem with her on the flights. Through Michelle’s guidance and training Rylee was well prepared to handle all the airport noise and confusion. She walks with me ignoring other travelers and all the little dogs in carriers that yap as we pass by. Suitcases, airport scanners, elevators and escalators are not a problem. Often we are permitted to board the aircraft early so Rylee can get settled. She totally knows the routine of lying on her blanket and putting her head under the seat in front of me. There have been two instances where I asked her to get up at the end of a flight and the passenger next to me jumped because they had not even noticed that she was there. I would say that is pretty incredible since, as you may remember, she is a 65 pound dog.

I could not be more thrilled with the way Michelle worked with Rylee (and me). Her expertise in understanding what it would take to make Rylee the service dog I needed was invaluable. Michelle’s lessons were exactly what we needed and the results are perfect! I know Golden State Service Dogs will be a great asset to all seeking help. Thank you again!