Clients: Please complete the GSSD Agreement and Responsibility Contract first and email submit your dog’s shot record to the trainer if requested. Also, to help have an enjoyable and successful class, it’s recommended that you download and review your curriculum guide before your first appointment.

GSSD Agreement & Responsibility Contract:

Curriculum Link, Password provided to clients: [sdm_download id=”10668″ fancy=”0″]

Our Dog Health Standards: For the safety and wellbeing of dogs, handlers, staff and the general public, the following are health standards for all dogs:

  • Be current on all vaccinations: Canine Rabies, DHLP-P and Bordetella (in accordance with CA Rabies Laws, all shot records must be on California Vet Letterhead or in Vet Receipt form)
  • Be on a secure flat collar with a proper ID tag (front: dog’s name, title-optional; back: your name, address, phone number) and required license tag
  • Be on a 6 ft. non-retractable leash, ideally a double-handle padded leash or body-leash (avoid bungee leashes)
  • Be on a 20 ft. non-retractable leash when training with distance
  • Hands-free treat pouches are ideal for training
  • Have regular veterinarian checkups and health exams
  • Be free of any signs of illness, or able to function safely with non-contagious medical conditions (female dogs in heat are not allowed in events)
  • Be cleaned and well groomed (nails must be short and grinded smooth)
  • Be on a scheduled parasite preventative and be free of any internal or external parasites
  • Be microchipped and registered (Optional, but highly recommended)
  • Be spayed/ neutered (Optional, but highly recommended for dogs over 6 months of age)
  • Dogs riding in vehicles must be safely secured (back safety harness with seatbelt or a safety create/carrier of the owner’s choosing)

Other Supplies to Bring to Community Events:

  • Handlers should have a full clean-up kit on all outings: bags, wet wipes, paper towels (a few in a plastic zip-bag) and antibacterial
  • A portable/collapsible food/water bowl for your dog 
  • Weather gear as needed (dog shoes/paw wax, cooling jacket, sunscreen, etc.)
  • Additional training supplies: treat pouch, Gentle Leader, correction aides, etc.

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