Terms & Conditions

Release of Liability:
I agree that Golden State Service Dogs and any affiliated parties shall not be liable for any costs or expenses
incurred as a result of my dog’s participation in services or be held liable for any injury, damage, or death to
any person, animal or property which results from the consultation, training, behavior or services from or to my
dog. I agree that I am fully liable and responsible for my dog’s health needs, safety, behavior, and quality of life
and will ensure that my dog has current vaccines, regular veterinarian checkups, parasite preventatives, and is
kept well groomed. I understand that Golden State Service Dogs does not provide liability insurance or pet
medical coverage to clients and that if I want such coverage, I am responsible for researching, purchasing and
maintaining such coverages from an outside licensed provider of my choice.

Mandated Reporter Responsibility:
I understand that Golden State Service Dogs will keep all my personal information confidential unless I submit
a written request to release my information. However, I understand that Golden State Service Dogs’
employees act as mandated reporters and if I report any information of harm to myself or others, Golden State
Service Dogs will report this information to appropriate facilities immediately.

Media Release Agreement:
I give my permission to Golden State Service Dogs to use, reproduce, and/or publish photographs, videotapes,
stories, or any likeness, including that of my dog(s), which may pertain to me for publicity and/or promotions. I
grant Golden State Service Dogs any and all rights to said use without compensation. I releases Golden State
Service Dogs form any financial or legal responsibility for the use of such media relations, promotional or
educational materials.

Cancellation Policy:
For private lessons, I understand that Golden State Service Dogs has a 24-hour cancellation policy. If I need to
cancel a scheduled appointment for any reason, I know to contact Golden State Service Dogs at least 24 hours
in advance to re-schedule. I agree that violation of this policy may result in being charged the full cost of the
scheduled session. For group classes, I understand that GSSD has limited enrollment in their group classes
and I am responsible for attending the class sessions I have signed up for. GSSD does not offer any class
makeups, enrollment changes, or refunds within 48 hours before a new class start date.

Payments & Service Agreement:
I agree to pay the full amount of services purchased and that payment is due in full at my first appointment,
unless I am on a pre-arranged payment plan. I understand that if I am on split-payment plan that payment is
due by the 10 th of each month and must be completed within 2 months. I agree to complete all my services
within 1 year of the date purchased or I void any unused services. I understand that checks must be made out
to Golden State Service Dogs and that any returned checks will result in a fee of $30.00 from GSSD on top of
any fees charged by my financial institution. I understand that Golden State Service Dogs reserves the right to
refuse or terminate services to any consumer at any time.

I understand that by purchasing any services, I acknowledge have read and agree with the above contract.