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Printer Friendly PDF: Excessive HEAT Warning and Class Postpone Notice


Following canine health and safety standards, you should limit exercise and sun exposure on hot days, while practicing basic summer safety with your dog. As a safety rule at Golden State Service Dogs, all scheduled classes and activities are postponed when temperatures are expected to be over 90 degrees. We apologize for the inconvenience, but you and your dog’s safety come first with us, always!

Some friendly reminders about how to continue to be responsible pet parents:
• Allow your dog to be monitored throughout the day with good, cool-air ventilation and with plenty of shade, indoors ideally. (Don’t let your work schedule get in the way of this and checkout a trusted doggy day camp or pet sitter near you).
• What your dog can “normally” physical do on a cooler day, they shouldn’t generally do on hot days! Plan outdoor actives/outings at cooler times in the day, like early mornings or late evenings only. Don’t worry, most dogs like to nap during the day in a cool place anyways. Allow for frequent breaks and do not over-exercise your dog. If your dog usually needs physical exercise to stay out of trouble, try more mental stimulation with indoor training practice; which can even make them more tired!
• Use AC, fans, and other cooling aides, like dog cooling mats, pup-popsicles and supervised, shaded pool time fun. (PS- don’t let your dog drink the pool water and rinse your pup off after a swim).
• Asphalt and concrete get extremely hot and can burn paws- avoid them whenever possible and walk dogs on cooler surfaces, like grass or dirt. Also, please understand that artificial grass can get very hot! (PRO-TIP: use dog boots if your dog must walk on hot surfaces, like walking from the car into a store, a service dog going on a needed outing, a therapy dog going on a visitation, etc.).
• Make an appointment to see your dog’s groomer for a summer haircut. (All the cool dogs do it!).
• Prepare for power outages. Have a plan, a back-up plan, and maybe another plan! #dogmom
• Sunburn can be prevented! Find shade, use pet-safe sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight. Know that short-coated dogs, or dogs with white/pink pigmentation can get sunburned very fast, especially their noses and ears, and are more vulnerable to skin cancer.
• Puppies, senior dogs, dogs with health conditions and dogs with flat faces can have more difficulty breathing during exercise, heatwaves and excessive humidity, so please take extra precautions!
• Keep plenty of fresh water out so your dog to stay hydrated. Have pet-safe electrolytes on hand if needed. We personally like non-flavored, Organic Coconut Water for our pups.
• Know the signs of heatstroke and what to do if one occurs. When in doubt, visit your dog’s vet or seek emergency canine care!
• Never leave your dog in a parked car (organ damage and death may quickly result, even with the AC on; PS- it’s illegal in CA).

Remember, don’t get hot-headed with the heat! Please be kind and remember to be a Good Samaritan- give a cold-water bottle to your mail carrier, check on a neighbor who might require a little extra help, and always travel with a few water bottles in the car, for you and maybe someone in need.

Happy Training,


Michelle Magers, M.S., CRC
Expert Trainer, Golden State Service Dogs